Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Easy Ways to Earn More Money

Bringing more money in to the household is something that many people would like to do. however, the reality can be that it seems very hard to be able to do it. There are a number of things that you can try though.
Change jobs
Most people find that the most effective way to get a pay rise is to find a new job. Most jobs to not offer significant pay rises and at the moment, many people are finding that they are actuallye arning less, not more. Taking inflation in to account this can be even lower. the only way to get a better income could be to find a new job. You have nothing to lose by lookinga round to see what is available and perhaps applying for a few things.
Ask for a pay rise
If you do not want to change jobs, then you could ask for a pay rise. The way that you do this may depend on how things work in your company. Many companies review pay every year when they look at the appraisal results. Make sure that you have good reason for them to award you a pay rise. Work hard, get good results and then if you are not offered a pay rise, ask why and fight for one.
Work more hours
It may be possible for you to ask for more hours. Some jobs have extra work such as Saturday morning and evening work and so it can be a good ide ato see whether there is anything available. There is no harm in asking and you may find that you get a positive answer.
Get a second job
If you cannot get extra hours from the job you are doing, then it could be possible to get another job as well. you may be able to do some evening and weekend work so that you add to the income that you are getting. This will take a lot of time and energy but if you are doing something completely different, then it may not be that hard.
Use your spare time
Many people spend their spare time watching television, using Facebook or playing games. That time could be spent working on ways to earn money. You could be running your own business and earning extra money that way. Do check with your employer first though as most have strict rules about what sort of work you can do outside of working for them.

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debtfreeoneday said...

Thanks Rachel, good advice! We have the added factor of a child, so jobs outside of a work could require a babysitter (and the costs that go with those!). So I'm looking for ways to make money from home or online. Selling stuff on Ebay has been my biggest side income so far. I used to spend my evenings watching TV, but not these days. I don't really miss it though now!