Saturday, August 31, 2013

How to Make Good Money from PTC Sites

I used to earn from PTC sites and then abandoned them as I made more money elsewhere. However, I have recently revisited them, realising that there is good money to be made, if you do it properly. If you follow the tips below, you too, could be making a decent amount of money from them.

1. Find a site you like and stick with it
There are lots of PTC sites, but if you keep chopping and changing between sites, you will not give yourself the chance to build up earnings from just one. I choose to stick to a well established site that I trust - Clixsense, but take a look at the options and choose one for yourself.

2. Get to know the site and start earning
You then need to start using the site. Discover how it is possible to make money from the site and have a go. These days getting paid to click to view adverts is just one way of earning, you can often earn from signing up to offers, doing surveys and other things too. At this point it is good to try to do enough to cash out. This is important later, as you will discover.

3. Get affiliates
This final stage is the most important and where you will make the most money. All PTC sites have affiliate schemes. What this means is that if you get other people to join the site, you will earn commission on their earnings. Think of this as a way of earning passive income - they do the work and get a cut! You will also be helping them because they will be earning money too, so it is a win/win situation. There are different ways to get people to sign up.

- you can ask friends and family
- some sites let you buy referrals
- you can advertise on your blog or favourite social networking site
- you can buy advertising - perhaps on other PTC sites as people using them already like PTC

You will need to spell out the advantages of the site and prove it pays - which is why cashing out yourself first is important. You may find that a screen shot of your Paypal payment (with your personal details obscured will help to prove to people that they could get paid too. You will also have to weigh up the risks of paying for advertising, but you can sometimes trade PTC site earnings for advertising which can mean you do not have to actually pay out cash. Buying referrals may also be a risk as they may not earn you as much as they cost, but it may be something you are prepared to try.

This can be a great way of earning. I promoted my affiliate link for a PTC and then didn't visit the site for some time. I returned and found that I had earned money while doing nothing. That is the sort of earning that everyone likes, isn't it? Why not give it a go and see how much money you can make.

Have you tried PTC and how much have you made from them?

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