Saturday, August 03, 2013

How to Write an Ebook

My main source of passive income is from writing ebooks. I find it a fun thing to do and I am fast at writing so when I have the time and inspiration I will be writing. I have written quite a few ebooks on a selection of different topics and have loved writing each one of them.

My first tip would be that you should only write a book if you like writing. If you do not enjoy it, then pay someone else to write it for you. That is if you have an idea that you would like to be made in to a book! I have ghost written ebooks for people before and did not charge too much. There are writers on who are happy to provide this sort of service for you.

It is important to remember that an ebook is not like a printed book. It will be read on an electronic device and so pictures are not so important and nor is layout. There is no point in having page numbers and some formats cannot even cope with a table of contents. However, quality is still important, as is grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Many ebooks are shorter than print books. This is because in a print book, you need a certain amount of paper in it to make it worthwhile printing. With an ebook this is not the case. You therefore do not need to fill the book up with lots of waffle to pad out all of that paper. This is great because not only will it take less time to write, but it also means that the readers can get the information that they need very quickly. They will not need to read lots of words to get to the point that the author is getting at.

If you find it difficult to know what to write about, then it is worth taking a look at an ebook catalog in an online shop and seeing what sorts of books there are. you will find that there is a lot of fiction and it is a highly competitive market. I try to write books that fit in to a niche market so that there is less competition. However, there are risks with that as there are less possible customers and there is a risk that there is not actually a demand for a book on that subject. However, if you have an idea for a book that you have always wanted to write, then why not have fun and write it. Self publish and you may find that it sells well, you have nothing to lose.

Each of us works differently in how we are motivated. Some people will need to decide to write a certain amount of words a day or write for a certain amount of time a day. Others will write when they feel inspired. Some will do it when they have the time. You will know what works best for you, whether setting a deadline will help or stress you and that sort of thing.

Make sure that you enjoy the process of writing the book. Although it can be a good way to make money, it should be about you having fun and getting your words down on paper. Whether you are telling a story or giving advice, the process of writing should just be about getting that across in a way that you enjoy. This will show through in the writing that you do and will make the finished product more appealing.

Have you always wanted to write a book or got an idea you want to get published? What is stopping you?


Daisy @ Prairie Eco Thrifter said...

I've considered writing an ebook before, but have never actually done it. I enjoy writing too, so I blog. Thanks for the information!

Rachel said...

You should consider writing a book - you get a great sense of achievement!

David G. McKenna said...

Hi Rachel, you are such a prolific writer! It looks like one really needs to build an audience first with a blog and then write, did you find that? Do you find it's your blog that drives people to the books? Or vice versa? Cheers,

Rachel said...

I actually had the books up for sale before I started the blog. I am not sure that the blog helps me sell the books at all to be honest! I have the books for sale on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony and a few other sites and I think it is the fact that they are available in these catalogues that helps them to sell, rather than anything that I do. I find no relationship between the amount of book sales and traffic/interest in my blog.