Thursday, August 01, 2013

July Earnings

Writing - £515.50

Article Writing - £515.50

Blogging - £42.00

Pay to Blog - £42.00

Ebooks - £68.10

Createspace - £16.72

Smashwords - £51.38

Other - £56.83

Amazon second hand sales - £8.08

Waterproof Memo Boards - £16.79

Clixsense - £4.96

Link Sales - £27.00

Making a Grand Total of £682.43


David G. McKenna said...

Hi Rachel, this is great information that you post this. It really gives real guidelines for how a writer can do off blogging, ebooks, etc.

Thank you for sharing.

I have a question about the writing income, I presume this is for magazine/newspaper articles, etc.? Is this true? How did you approach them? I'm hoping to write some articles myself and was wondering if you could share any tips to your success.

Rachel said...

The content that I write is for blogs and websites. I find the work through and dp forums. More details can be found in a post that I will be publishing soon - so come back and check it out!