Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Money Making Tips

I realised today that it has been a very long time since I gave out any tips to people on how to make money online. This is possibly because I have been spending so long making money myself. However, I think that by explaining what it is that I do to make money, hopefully it will help some of my readers to do the same thing.

My main earner is freelance writing. I work for a number of customers writing blog articles and website content for them on a wide range of topics. This tends to pay around $0.01 a word, which is the going rate for someone who has been doing it for a while. There are people only willing to pay half of that or less. I am lucky that I have gained a lot of customers through personal recommendations and so this has allowed me to ask for more money. I also write fast, which means around 1000 words an hour on average which is why I can earn a decent amount. If you are interested in this sort of work then get together some samples of your writing, perhaps posts from your blog or excerpts from ebooks you have written, then look on and dp forums and you will find people looking for writers.

I also make money through selling links and guest posts on my blogs. I find these mainly through dp forums as well, but also have people approach me. I find that once I have a guest post on my home page, it seems to attract other people to request guest posts. I normally charge for guests posts, but will also exchange posts if that is possible.

I also make money selling my ebooks. I make three versions of each book. One for Amazon Kindle, one for Createspace (which is Amazons print on demand service) and one for Smashwords (who distribute to Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple etc). These do take time to write, format and design covers for, but provide a passive income once they are complete. I also enjoy writing things that are for me, rather than to a clients specification, so they can be a lot of fun to do.

I make some money selling waterproof memo boards and second hand items on Amazon. I get cashback from Quidco when I shop online. I have some fun earning a bit of money from PTC site Clixsense. I have a cash back credit card and I earn money from the FIT payments for the solar panels.

There are many different income streams, some paying more than others. I have always felt that it is good not just to rely on once source of income when self-employed though. 

- What do you think though? 

- Do you have several income streams and which do you find pay the best?


debtfreeoneday said...

I thought this post was really useful thank you! I'm trying a number of ways to make money online at the moment and am considering freelance writing. I really enjoy blogging too so I'll see where that takes me. I currently have a day job doing something totally different so any extra income I try to earn in the evenings and weekends. At the moment, I'm not having a great deal of success. I really wish I could start blogging as a career but it's going to take some time before I make money in that area!

Bryce said...

You are a gifted writer and have managed to turn that into different income streams. Good for you. I am a so-so writer, but a good mechanical engineer, and also pretty good at finances. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to earn money from anything but engineering. I'm fortunate that the pay for that is relatively high. :-)