Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Saving up for Christmas?

My niece kindly reminded me that we would be spending Christmas at her house the other week. Although no one wants to really think about the holidays in August, it is worth considering how we are going to pay for it. We will be having a cheaper year as we will be spending it at my sisters house and so there will be no need to pay for lots of food, although we will take some things along to contribute to the meals. It will still not be as expensive as having to pay for everything for the day. We also tend to keep some presents quite cheap if we can, especially within our small family. We will not be spending out on cobalt rings or anything like that, but just getting small gifts for the children and me and my husband will probably no exchange gifts. To m it seems a bit odd to try to think of something that I want just for the sake of receiving a gift, especially when I tend to buy the things that i need, when I need them. This is a rare attitude I know! Of course, I enjoy buying gifts for other people, especially children and with my own two and my nieces and nephews and some second cousins, there will be plenty of fun toy shop shopping for me! I think it is time for me to calculate how much I think that I will be spending on gifts, cards, wrapping paper and food and decide whether I need to start putting some money away each month to pay for it. Will you be doing something similar soon?

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