Thursday, August 01, 2013

Thoughts on July Earnings

I had a weeks holiday in July and so I expected the earnings to be lower. However, they were quite a bit lower than I had expected. With the children on holiday in August I am not sure how well that will effect my earnings. Without having to do the school run, it means that I have more time. However, the children can be distracting and it is nice to spend time with them as well. My use of time is also influenced by how much work I have as well and intend to make use of the time I have without any work to spend with the children so that I do not feel bed when I do have work. It is therefore not easy to predict what might happen.

I have decided to set myself a goal of £1000 for August though. This is my normal monthly goal and I am pleased with how well I have done so far this financial year in achieving it. I made £1267 profit in April, £988 in May, £1143 in June but £558 in July. However on average that is £989 a month which is really close to my target.I am pleased with this but hope to bring it up to £1,000 a month average by the end of the financial year.

How are your monthly financial earnings doing? Do you find school holidays make it easier or harder to earn?


Thomas | Your Daily Finance said...

Hey Rachel - I agree with the kids back in school there will be more time to focus though it is nice having them around. I looks like you are doing pretty well already with the passive income. Is that mostly from ebook sales?

I just started my site about 2 month ago and haven't set my strategy for making money on it yet. Goal is to average 1500 per month by end of December 2013.

Rachel said...

I actually earn passive income from ebook sales, FIT payments on my solar panels and premium bonds. However, most of my earnings are not passive such as article writing and blog post sales and so I am trying to change that percentage over.

I like that 1500 goal - sounds like a good one to aim for - good luck with that one!