Monday, August 19, 2013

Where 'Turn One Pound Into One Million' Started From

I have mentioned quite recently where this blog started from but not in that much detail. It came along in a period of time when I was out of work and studying for PhD (which I didn't finish in the end). I had done a Business Link course about how to run a business and was trying to sell my ebooks from a website that I had made. This was in the days before Amazon Kindle and other ebook readers, so it was a PDF ebook which had been professionally designed and illustrated. A lot of work and money had gone in to the book but I had not made many sales. I therefore started trying to find other ways of making money online while I was waiting for the ebook sales to pick up.

I stumbled across a selection of blogs about the idea of doubling. This is where you find money in the street and then think of ways to invest it until you double it. This was a step by step exercise starting at a penny and doubling it all the way to a million pounds. Most of the blogs were people in early stages full of enthusiasm for the scheme and so I decided to join them. My husband found a pound coin on the floor and gave it to me and hence 'turn one pound in to one million' was born. That was back in February 2007 and a lot has changed since then. Although I found doubling difficult, I hunted for money on the streets and then once I had enough, bought things and sold them on ebay until I had a good few pounds. However, I never really got enough to make a significant investment or get a significant amount of money. Then I started 'cheating'. I started working for money online. This started off by using pay to click sites to earn money. they were all the rage at the time and I did surprisingly well, picking up quite a few referrals who helped me to earn more money. however, once I discovered that I could get paid for writing blog posts, I went down the route of placing sponsored posts on my blog. I also sold links.

This is what got me in to writing blog posts and one day someone asked me if I could write some for them. This set me on the route to freelance writing. I found some work on various websites and then got work from personal recommendations. I found that the writing work paid better than anything else I found and so I concentrated on that and it has kept me going and still is.

I have also spent some time buying and selling books. This is still a great hobby of money, but there is not much money in it these days. No one has money to spend on books any more, on collecting certain sets or first editions and also everyone is selling their books to make spare cash. It is something I would love to go back in to doing but I feel that the printed book has almost had its day and so writing ebooks is likely to be far more profitable for me.

How did you start off earning money online and is it something that you still do?

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