Friday, January 03, 2014

Household Jobs

Sometimes I do wish that my husband was more handy around the home. There are a series of jobs that need doing and having to call a plumber yesterday to fix a stopcock washer, I made a list of tasks for a plumber that he could do while here. There ended up being four different jobs, but it made sense for him to take a look at them all while he was here. There is bad pipework under the kitchen sink which breaks from time to time and has been repaired too many time with dict tape, there is a leaky cistern on the en-suite bathroom and the downstairs loo has stopped flushing properly. I suppose it is not just about being handy, but having the right tools such as some of these handles and knowledge.

It seems like it could end up being an expensive month as the chimney seems to be leaking rain water in the storms we are having so I have contacted a roofer to take a look at it. I am sure this was not the way that my husband expected his last years bonus to be spent but I am sure he would rather have an expert do the job than risk making a mess of it himself! He does have computer skills, which means that he is lucky enough to be able to do a well paid job so he can afford to pay people to do this sort of work, which is great!

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