Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Business

My husband is always coming up with business ideas and has a dream of running a successful business. It is not easy though, knowing which idea to pick, to make things a success. I do have a theory that there are some people who are so good at business that they could probably make a success of almost anything. It does feel almost as if the business skills are more important that the actual ideas. I think that marketing is probably the key thing and this is something that always seems to be a very expensive skill to pay for but not an easy one to learn. However, it does also seem that there are different techniques depending on the item that you are trying to sell. For example there are some people selling online books or courses for a huge amount of money and selling lots of copies. However, the writer has spend years building up a fantastic reputation and also giving away a lot of free samples to prove their worth first. There is certainly something to learn from that.

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