Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Year Expenses

Well, new year seems to be a time of new expenses at the moment for us! We have some plumbing jobs that need doing such as two broken loos, a new stop tap and under sink piping to be redone. We have had rain leaking in the chimney and so need to get that fixed. Our water bill came in at double the normal amount and it has been put down to a leak which needs to be traced and fixed, but will hopefully not cost us anything. We had to renewal house and contents insurance but living next to a river meant that I could only get two quotes and one was over £2000. Luckily I was about to renew with my current insurer for £195. It is a good job that I have been stashing a bit of money away since before Christmas. I did do it to pay for Christmas but we didn't spend as much as we thought. I also like to keep some by for emergencies as you never know when you will need a new coolant pump, white good or any repairs. Hopefully we will not need to pay out anything else though!

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