Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Stress and Productivity

I had not realised what an effect stress had on productivity until i was under significant stress over the last few months. I have felt pressure to earn more money but just have not had the energy to look for work. Now that I have my energy levels back I can think straight and it has made me realise how important relaxation is. I am know a lot about stress management and know what to do to relax myself but am not good at applying my own knowledge to myself! I think it is easier to look at others and help them than to notice what is going on inside you. I thought it might be useful to explain what things might be useful for relaxation. Something like chicago massage classes or Yoga classes work for some people. However, having a cuddle, watching a film, getting a long nights sleep, doing meditation or even having a smoke or a few drinks can work well for some people. It is important to identify which technique works best for you so that you can use it when necessary. It is worth getting in to the habit of doing your relaxing activity on a regular basis and then even if you do not identify that you are stressed, you will be doing the right thing to help. It will also help to provide a barrier to stress when it happens.

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