Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Cost of Pets!

I bet I am not the first or the last parent to be asked my their children if they can have a pet. I think that most people think that the main problems with pets is the time that they take to care for. There is the cleaning up after them, feeding and exercising and the larger the animal, the more work there is. However, for me it is very much about the cost as well. Many people do not think about how much it costs to have a pet. You not only have to buy their food but there is the expensive vet bills or insurance and then all of the accessories. you may not think that collars and leads cost that much but there are all the toys and beds and cages. It can all add up over the life of an animal and then you may be pestered into getting more and more. I would stick to a firm 'no' right form the beginning!

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