Saturday, February 15, 2014

Online Sales

I am really hoping that this extreme weather that we are having in the UK at the moment will mean that more people will be buying online. it is difficult to get out to the shops when driving conditions are hazardous and people do not relish the idea of walking out in strong winds and pouring rain. It is unlikely that people will avoid supermarket shopping, but they may decide to avoid town centres and shop online instead and this could be good for the sales of items that I have available.


rgrace said...

Wow! It is amazing to me, our stories are very similar, You started with doubling as did I. And now we are both E-Tailers or E-Commerce businesses. Great minds think a like I guess. I have finally gotten the inspiration to start back blogging it is amazing that I have been gone for as long as I have. It feels good to be back though :)


John @ FirstStepFinance said...

Now online sale is a very popular method. it saves our valuable time. we can choose our desired product from online without going market physically. it will increase day by day.

Thomas @ FinanceInspired said...

Yes you are right like to agree with you but not only the weather but also people are depending online buy and sell because of it's easy service.