Monday, June 16, 2014

I Won a EuroMillions Prize!

I was not sure even whether SearchLotto was a genuine site or not, let alone had any hope that I would win a Lottery prize, but I have!

By completing 25 searches last week, I was rewarded with a free lottery ticket as part of a 20 member syndicate. I was emailed the numbers that had been purchased before the draw and I even checked them and thought that I had only matched one. However, the following day SearchLotto emailed me to say there had been a match of two numbers which meant a £2.80 prize for the syndicate with my share being 14p that would be sent to my Paypal account (it arrived on Saturday with no Paypal fee). Not a life changing prize, but it gave me faith that the site is genuine and that I have a chance of winning.

It is very simple to get involved. You will need to visit the site and register. Make sure that in your account details you put in your Paypal email so that they know where to pay in any prizes. You can also select whether you wish to be entered into the Euromillions or National Lottery draws; it defaults to the National Lottery. You then just use the search engine (which is run on a Yahoo platform) as normal. You need to have 25 qualifying searches to get an entry in the draw. You can only get ten a day and only get allocated a maximum of two tickets a week, although if you have no done enough searches to earn a ticket they get carried across to the next draw. A qualifying search is one where you put in a search term, and click on a link. They have to be two minutes apart and not searches for the same sorts of things all the time as that looks like they are not genuine searched. You do not have to click on the sponsored links unless you are interested in them.

If you go through the Quidco website, once you have done enough searches to get a lottery ticket, then you earn 50p cashback. I have already had mine confirmed.

I have only earned small amounts of money, but it worked out well for me as I was in the mood for gambling but too sensible to waste money and so I managed to make some money without spending any and I had fun doing it too! So why not give it a go and you could end up making a lot more than me! Good luck!

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weenie said...

Hello there, I've just come across your blog - congrats on winning with SearchLotto. I've been with them a while, not won anything significant yet but I live in hope!

I did a post on my blog about earning online, which may interest you if you care to check it out:

Good luck saving towards your million!