Monday, July 14, 2014

Helpful Birthday Gifts

It is my husbands birthday today and he has got a Mindstorms robot so that he can learn to program it with the children. It has got me thinking about what to buy for the children when it is their birthday. They will be nine this year, but I have been told by school that my one son needs extra help with his gross and fine motor skills which means that I am thinking of things to get him that might help this. I have been reading up on things and it seems that sports such as climbing and playing with a ball are good for the gross motor skills and so we will be practicing these. However, it seems the fine motor skills are more of a problem because of his handwriting being affected by them. This means that I have been looking in to getting him things which will help with this. This means no only doing handwriting practice but anything that strengthens the muscles in the hands and forearms and needs fine control. I had consudered looking at musician's friend for an instrument which might help him on top of many craft activities that I have organised.

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