Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Christmas arghhhhh!

I was having a look in the shops the other day and started to notice the growing amount of Christmas themed items in there. I started to wonder how I might afford Christmas this year with my earnings down and a few high expenses last month. However, I received a FIT cheque for the solar panels for over £600 which was very welcome and will help me. Now I can start thinking sensibly about nice gifts that I would like to buy people. I like to shop local if I can, but for specialist gifts such as music ones for some members of my family I try websites such as I find buying online so good as it saves a lot of wandering round and looking and it is much easier to find the specific items that you are looking for. I might start making a list soon and thinking about who I need to buy for and what sorts of things I want to buy for them. I will also have to get lists of suggestions to family members of what the children want, which could be interesting too. They seem to be getting much harder to buy for as they are getting older!

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Dom said...

Hi Rachel,

I've recently been reading the minimalists blog ( they talk about buying people experiences rather than things. It makes perfect sense - although I'm not sure if Granny will like her skydive that much!

For the kids (not sure how many or ages you have) but as my son ages (not quite 2 yet), I want to instill the 1 gift rule, he asks for one thing (not massive), then he (hopefully) won't be disappointed if he doesn't get EVERYHITNG that's on his list.
Although it will add extra pressure to make sure we can get that one thing - writing it down has made me doubt myself - back to the drawing board!