Monday, October 06, 2014

Looking for Inspiration!

I have just gone back to look at some old doubling websites, which is where this one came form originally. Unfortunately no one is posting any more or doing the doubling challenge which was not very inspiring.

I am doing okay, although I am not actually doubling any more. I have found online work writing, now that buying and selling books sadly makes no money any more. I would like to do something different though, as although I have just received a cheque from Amazon for book sales, I am not really that happy with what I am doing. Some writing is okay, but competition is fierce and it is very hard to get new customers at the priced that I would like to charge. If I lower my prices much more I will be working for very low rates. At the moment I am already working for about £6 an hour which is below the UK minimum wage of £6.50 for someone of my age, although interesting to note that if I was under 19 and an apprentice I would only be entitled to a minimum wage of £2.73 per hour! Of course I have a huge advantage in not having to pay anything in child care and not even having to leave the home to work, which is really good. I have been thinking about getting a job outside of the home but I want to be here in holidays and before and after school which means I am looking at part-time and term time only work. This limits me to working in a school and I do not feel that I am that good with children and so that rules out teaching assistant, lunch lady or teacher and so I am left with secretary of which there are no local vacancies.

Therefore it is back to looking for online opportunities. I am finding that surveys seem to be the best at the moment but do not pay very much. I will keep looking though.

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