Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Value for Money in Music?

There have been many studies done in the past and theories about how learning to play a musical instrument can help learning in children. I am not sure how I stand on this issue really as I feel that I have not looked at the evidence in enough detail to be able to draw my own conclusions. However, it does make me think about whether learning to play string instruments or any other type for that matter, could mean that children get better value out of their education. At the end of the day, education is about getting those all important results so that they can get a good job. If their learning can be enhanced, perhaps by learning music, then maybe it is a really positive things for them to do. It could mean that grades go up and that they get a better job. If you are paying for education, this could be an even more important factor. I assume that people pay for education because they expect that the children will get a better result out of it at the end and therefore supplementing it with things that could be even more worthwhile could be a good thing to do.

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