Thursday, April 02, 2015

Tax Year End

Well it is almost the end of the tax year so I will be getting all of my accounts in order in a few days time ready for when I am sent my self assessment tax return. My income is very much lower this year, partly due to a lacking of work but also because I purposely kept my workload lower so that I could spend more time with the family. This was well worth it and I plan on continuing to do this.

I realise that I am very fortunate, in that my husband does a job which pays well so we are easily able to afford treats and things such as a gibson historic without it making us short of money. I also look after the finances very well, making sure that we do not buy unnecessary things and that we keep our bills low by being efficient with our water, gas and electricity use. Our low mortgage also helps but we do invest a big chunk of money ready to pay off the amount owed. We still have ten years left to pay it off and are not too far from having the total sum. However, handing over all that money and eliminating our financial buffer is a scary thought. We will probably not do it immediately unless interest rates rise too high anyway. just so that we are secure.

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