Monday, May 18, 2015

More Money Coming My Way!

I use the search lotto search engine, which means that you can get free lotto and euromillions lottery tickets if you search the right number of times before the draw. The search engine works well and most weeks I get at least 3 lottery entries. You are entered as part of a twenty person syndicate who all share one ticket, which is free and so prizes are split 20 ways. This does mean the prizes can be low but it gives you free chances to win money. I won again last week, this time just £0.18 has been put in my Paypal account. However, considering I am just searching like normal and have a chance of winning a much bigger amount, I think that it is well worth it.

I have also had £30 cashback from Money Saving Expert cheap energy club. I switched energy provider form British Gas to Sainsburys Energy which is predicted to save me £250 a year anyway and got £30 cashback too. I normally use Quidco for my cashback site, but they did not offer an incentive for switching to Sainsburys Energy so I took advantage of this offer instead. If you use my referral link here for Quidco then I will give you £2.50 of the £5 referral reward that I get from them, once you earn £5 worth of cashback. Quidco will automatically pay it to your account once you have earned the required amount - so why not click here to find out more.

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