Sunday, August 30, 2015

£200 won!

The referral contest I mentioned has already been won. However, signing up to the site could still result in winning some money and the prizes go up as more people join the site. There is more competition too of course, but that is the way most of these things work. For a few clicks each day, it could be well worth having a go. Chances of winning are probably better than winning the lotto and you have nothing to lose except a few seconds of your time. Think about what you could spend the money on too! I am focussing hard on mortgage repayments at the moment as we are getting so close to being able to pay it off (two years away) that we just want to get it done with. Also the threat of rising interest rates could slow things down for us, so the sooner we get it paid the better. This means trying not to waste money and also me trying to earn a bit extra. This means no buying microphone pop filter or any other little bits and pieces but just imagining that feeling of joy when it is paid off at last!

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