Friday, September 11, 2015

School Fair Bargains

It is the school fair tomorrow. I always look forward to this sort of event as I still get thrills if I see a valuable book for sale, which I can buy and sell on and make a profit. This is rare these days, which is why I no longer buy and sell books for a living but I still get that excited feeling when sorting through books and I will be working on the book stall too. I am sure there will be other things too, in the bric-a-brac that some people may find really exciting like a johnny christ style guitar for the chaps, interesting kitchen things for the women and loads of exciting toys for the children! This sort of event is one where I find it very difficult not to spend lots of money as it supports the school my children go to so everything spent is for a good cause. I still have my limits though and try to get good value for money!

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