Friday, January 29, 2016


Earnings seem to be on the up this month which is great. I have been inspired by the new year, having taken a holiday and am ready to work hard to get more money to complete my goal of having enough to pay off the mortgage by the end of the year. I think others are trying to rejuvenate their websites too and looking for articles which is helping me get more work. Hopefully that will continue!

I have also been busy hand making birthday cards. I have several occasions coming up and decided over Christmas, when I saw all of the wrapping paper being thrown away that it was time to start wasting less and so I am trying to reuse paper and envelopes and make things by hand too, which saves resources and money. Many people appreciate a hand made card as well, over a shop bought one. Of course I am still buying gifts from sites such as but am trying to hand make gift bags or reuse wrapping paper or things I already have in the home, both to save money and resources. It has certainly got my creative juices flowing!

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