Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Look Back

Photo by Tristan Martin

As part of a revamp of this blog, I tagged a lot of the posts. This means that I had an opportunity to revisit many of them and see how my earning patterns have changed over the years.

I started very much by finding money on the street and pay to click sites. These earned me a lot of money as I become good at finding referrals and earning from them as well as me. Things have changed now though and this sort of site hardly exists any more.

I was always selling ebooks and this is still making me money, although not so much, probably because of the competition. I also bought and sold some second hand books, which I have not done for a long time.

I earned a lot of money from doing paid reviews of websites, which there is also very little money in these days. However, my freelance writing built up over the years.

It is fascinating to see how much I earned compared to now but I spent a lot more time working in the past than I do now, so it is not surprising. It has got me thinking though and it could mean that I will make some changes to the way I earn money soon.

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