Thursday, February 25, 2016

A New Free Lottery Site to Try

I have just come across a new site to get free lottery draws.

- The site is called - Free Birthdate Lottery
- It is very much like the Free Postcode Lottery as it works in the same way.
- You register with your email address and your date of birth and that date of birth is entered into various draws.
- The site is funded by advertising and so in order to check if you have won, you need to visit the site so you have access to the advertising.
- The site is very new and therefore prize funds are small, but it looks like it is rapidly growing as there are some new draws starting tomorrow including a referral draw.

This is why I am posting my referral code (above) in the hope that anyone signing up as a result of this post will use it. However, you can always access the site directly and not use a referral, if you prefer.

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