Friday, February 26, 2016

Another Free Lottery to Try!

My investigations have led me to believe that there are a number of free lottery sites around now. I have decided to have a go at another one as well.

This is based on your telephone number and you have to have your number verified to enter in the main draw which has a rolling £10 prize each day. There is also a lucky dip £5 prize each day for those that want to have a go but do not want to give their telephone number.

It is called - Lucky Phone

It is free to enter and prizes are paid for by advertising so you have to visit the site to see if you have won. You can also win loyalty points. In order to win them, you need to match numbers in the draw. My nine digit telephone number matched eight of the digits in the draw and as a result I gained 70 loyalty points. I understand that I need 1000 loyalty points to draw out £10. However, had I matched all of the numbers I would have automatically won £10. You can also collect extra loyalty points by referring members, if those members win a main draw and by checking the draw on the 'special date' which you allocate when you register.

Good luck if you decide to have a go, the prizes are all there to won!

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