Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Another Premium Bonds Win!

It was a good month again on the premium bonds. I have calculated the win was equivalent to 2% APR which for an instant access account is more than competitive. it seems in the UK at the moment it is only possible to get a high percentage of interest on a current account, as long as you pay in a significant amount each month. The interest is also only available on a limited amount of money. I am dubious of these, as I feel that they just want to get in you and will then ditch the interest rates pretty quickly and you won't want to change current accounts again as it is so much hassle. Investments do bring a much higher return, but being so close to paying off the mortgage, I am not willing to risk my money. However, once it is paid off, I will have to start saving up all over again and I plan to seek financial advice with regards to a pension and other more long term investments for the children. It is an exciting time for changes!

However, at the moment I am just looking to earn some extra money to pay for a repair on the roof, a car service and a summer holiday! So back to writing the articles it is!!

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