Sunday, February 14, 2016

Challenging Yourself to Make Money

Photo by Wendy Hollands
I thought it might be useful to share a technique that I have found really helps me to make more money. I find that if I set myself a challenge to make a certain amount in a day, week or month, that can spur me on to work a lot harder and therefore put more effort in to make money.

In the past I have set myself a challenge to make £50 a day, £1000 in a month or £500 in a week. I set my targets high and tended not to reach them. However, I found that by setting myself a high target, it motivated me to push myself really hard to think of new ways to make money and work out those methods I currently use. By blogging how well I have done, it encourages me harder because I feel that there is an audience out there judging me on how well I am doing. Hopefully you can do somethings imilar and find yourself earning more money than usual.

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