Thursday, February 04, 2016

Five Ways I Make Money Online

I make money online in a selection of ways. Most money is made from selling my ebooks across various sites including Amazon and doing freelance writing or various customers. However, I also make additional money in the ways listed below, which are really easy for anyone to try.

Search Lotto
This is a website which gives you credits for doing searches. When you have 25 valid searches, you earn one lottery ticket and you can choose which UK lottery draw you would like a ticket in, with up to four a week. I have only won very small prizes with Search Lotto but I have won at least two a month and as part of a syndicate of 20 (every entry is) the amount has been small. However, it is great to be rewarded for searching and there is always a chance of a bigger prize. It does not have to be claimed as income as the lottery prizes are tax free.

Quidco is the best cashback site I have come across. It has many online retailers on it and you just have to log into your account and use their link to the retailer to earn cashback. There are even some stores where you can earn cashback from shopping on the high street. It is a great way to make some bonus money and does not need to be declared as income either as it is cashback not earnings. I have earned hundreds of pounds on this site.

YouGov is a great way to earn money by filling in surveys. If you like answering questions on government policies, reviewing advertisements or programs or discussing your shopping habits then this site is ideal. The surveys are fun and quite regular and you can cash out when you have earned £50. I have earned hundreds of pounds on this site.

Free Postcode Lottery
I have not yet won anything from Free Postcode Lottery but I have a go each day. There is the chance of winning hundreds of pounds and it is completely free. You just have to check the site each day to see if you have won and claim your prize. UK postcodes only.

Clixsense is a site where you can earn money doing various things such as pay to click and surveys. If I have spare time I use it to earn a bit of extra money and it is easy to use. It can take quite a long time for earnings to add up, but it can be worth the wait, especially if you enjoy the tasks that you are doing.

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