Monday, February 29, 2016

Free Birthdate Lottery Increases Prizes

As with all of these new free lottery sites, it is expected that as they get more popular the prizes will increase. This is because they fund the websites through advertising and with more members, they will be able to attract more advertisers and generate more revenue.

The free birthdate lottery is the first of the small new sites that has decided to increase some prize money. This is for the mini daily draw which was £1 for each prize and will now be £5. Although this is still not a huge amount of money, the odds of winning are good because there are only very few members on the site at the moment. I feel that there may also be rewards of being an early member, perhaps through the loyalty points or referral points, which are said to be being added soon. I think that it is still early days for this one and the draws and things may change with time, hopefully the prizes will continue to increase as well.

I feel like with any lottery you have to have a go in order to have a chance of winning. I do not like paying for lottery tickets but the whole idea of winning things for free is extremely appealing which is why I have premium bonds, use Search Lotto to get free lottery tickets and try these free draws. Someone has to win, it costs me nothing but time, I have fun doing it and so I think it is worth it. Others may not agree but I think it is a great alternative to buying lottery tickets each week.

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Free Birthdate Lottery said...

Thanks for posting about our site Rachel. We definitely aim to increase prizes as soon as possible! We really appreciate our members for being loyal and supporting us in the early days. We are growing steadily and will offer bigger prizes as soon as we can. In the meantime, as you said, the odds of winning are really good atm. It might only be a fiver or a tenner, but we like to think of it as 'smile money' and we have certainly had some happy winners which is great :):) Thanks again for sharing our site; it's posts like this that really help us grow!