Thursday, February 18, 2016

Has Social Networking Replaced Blogging?

Picture by Sean McEntee
Rereading my old blog posts, I have realised how they read rather like social networking posts, quite newsy and with links to interesting sites. It has made me think that this is the sort of thing that people now use social networking for and maybe that means that I should be moving to a Facebook page rather than blogging on here.

Problem is that there is no way to generate advertising revenue on a Facebook page and so it would just have to be about promoting sites for referrals and selling my products. Not sure if I am quite ready for that yet. I always feel rather embarrassed if I think that my family and friends are reading what I am doing and personal details such as exactly what I am earning. Maybe I should not be so shy about it as I could be missing out on a big earning potential.

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