Monday, February 15, 2016

How Much Money Have I Made So Far?

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I suspect that there are people out there interested in knowing how much money I have made since working for myself and mainly earning online. I have not actually worked things out myself so it will be an interesting exercise for me as well.

Firstly, my income. This is form all online earnings such as freelance writing, buying and selling books, advertising form my blogs, selling waterproof memo boards and other income. This is only my taxable income, so does not include things like cashback, lotto wins and premium bond wins. We will deal with those separately as my accounts have a nice easy earnings figure of £27, 576.75. This is from 2003 onwards and doesn't seem huge, but we can add to that.

Cashback has mainly come from Quidco and according to their website I have earned £798.64.

My lotto wins have been very small and probably only about £3.

I decided to start investing in premium bonds as a result of my money journey and so I count my winnings and my husbands as income as I decided on doing it as an investment. That has raised £1975.

Then there were the solar panels. I decided to invest in those after doing a series of calculations. I can estimate that I have saved £30 a month in electricity on top of the FIT payments I have received. That has added up to £2160 + £3050

My husband often says that childcare costs should be included in my income as if I worked outside of the home we would be paying for these as well. I am not sure if I agree with him, but just for the numbers I thought that it would be interesting to calculate. It was tricky to know how to calculate it but I averaged a figure of £80,000.

I was hoping that it might all add up to quite an impressive amount but actually it is just £115563.39.

Considering that £80k of that is savings rather than earnings then it is really just £35563.39. Still sounds quite a bit until you divide it by the number of years that I have been working online, which is thirteen and dividing it to see the yearly income makes just £2736. I guess I should take into consideration that I have been working part-time, enjoying quality time with my family and saving additional money on work clothes and commuting. I have also really enjoyed by money making adventure and it is by no means over. I need to find ways of making more money if I want to hit my target of a million, but all income is still better than none. With that money we have managed to afford to invest in solar panels and premium bonds meaning we can get an income from some of our money and are closer to paying off our mortgage than we woudl have been had I earned nothing.

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