Monday, February 22, 2016

How to Write Articles that Sell Well

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I make a lot of my earnings from writing articles and think that many other people could do the same thing. I feel that there is plenty of room in the market for more writers and there are many different subjects that can be written about. However, many people wonder what might make up a good article, so I have put some tips below based on what a majority of my customers want.

Write well and spell check
It is really important to make sure that what you write makes sense and is spell checked. It does not have to be perfect, but it does need to read correctly and have as few errors as possible. No one is perfect but remember that you are always being judged on your quality of work. You customer may not give you more work if they do not like what you write. If you are publishing on their blog under your own name, which I do a lot, it will be your reputation at stake.

Keep to the topic
It is important to make sure that you stay relevant to the topic. Many people want their articles to help them with their search engine ranking and keywords are important. This does not mean stuffing the article with as many relevant phrases and words as you can any more. It used to be the way things were done but times have changed. Google likes natural looking content but if it goes off topic, neither Google nor the readers will enjoy it.

Make it interesting
You need to remember that your article should be attracting readers even if it is written to try to get a site higher in search engines. Google will rank an article higher if people are reading it and therefore the more real readers you get, the higher you will be ranked. This means that you need to make people want to read it. This can be with a catchy title but also with content that they can engage with.

Include keywords if necessary
Some of my customers have keywords or phrases that they like me to include. Sometimes this can be tricky as they do not always make grammatical sense. I always work hard to try to get it to make as much sense as possible. It is also good to get that keyword fairly near to the beginning of the article unless your customer asks you to do something else.

Use subheadings

Most of my customers like me to use subheadings. This is because it makes articles easier to read and scan and therefore I am doing it a lot more in all of my writing. I remember when I studied Business Studies at university I was told that men like subheading but women do not, which may explain why I do not like them! However, as it is what my customers want, I have started using it a lot more. 

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