Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I won the Euromillions!

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono at
As a member of Search Lotto, I earn free entries into the Euromillions and the Lotto draws when I have completed enough searches. It takes 25 searches to earn an entry into the draw and you enter as part of a syndicate you share the prize with twenty other people. This means that if you win a small prize, it is very small, like to £0.30 that I won this week. However, the fact that I had a Paypal payment with the amount, means that I know that the company are genuine and if my syndicate wins a big prize, I trust them to pay out. If the prize is big, then sharing it with twenty others, will not make it that insignificant. Another great advantage is that I am not losing money each week buying tickets. Advantages as I see them are as follows:

  • Free to enter
  • 4 possible entries a week
  • 20x greater chance of winning as in syndicate of 20
  • Easy to gain entries
  • No wasted money on tickets

I therefore recommend that everyone take a look at it and see whether they think that it is a site for them. It could just be your way to earning a million pounds!

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