Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Money Making Targets

Photo by Sarah Brad
As my children are on holiday I am not putting pressure on myself to make a lot of money as I want to spend time with them. However, they will be back at school on Monday and then I will try to get really focussed again. There are a number of things that I will be working on:

- Moving my blog from blogger to Wordpress
- Finding new ways to monetise my blog
- Selling more articles on DP forums
- Working for my regular customers
- Looking out for new ways of making money
- Getting my latest book finished so that it can be published and start to be sold
- Researching using more social media to promote my blogs, books etc

I have actually tried a new layout here to see whether this works better than moving to Wordpress and it was much easier.

I am also adding my blog to directories such as

Blog Directory & Business Pages - UK Blog Directory

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