Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Should I Switch to Wordpress

Picture by Phil Oakley
I am still contemplating whether to switch over to a Wordpress Blog. I think it could be a lot of work but there are many advantages:

- Easier to use pictures in blog posts which people seem to like
- Looks more modern and sleek
- I need to know how to use it better for as most of my customers want me to know how to publish things on it
- Has more widgets and can do a lot more.

However, I am worried about doing so for the following reasons:

- Search engines may lose me
- I may lose all my data in transferring it
- I may not be able to advertise on it in the same way I do now
- I will lose all my traffic stats data as that is tied to Blogger

I will not be doing anything about this until the children finish their half-term holiday which should hopefully give me enough time to weigh up my options.

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