Sunday, February 21, 2016

Tips on Saving Money in the School Holidays

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Having just had a week at home with my children, it has made me think about how expensive it can be. Day trips, meals out and even just going to the supermarket can be a lot more expensive than when they are at school. I have therefore put together a few tips on what you can to to avoid paying out so much money.

Do activities inside the home
There are plenty of activities that you can do inside the home which cost no money or very little money. Cooking and baking. art and craft, playing in the garden, playing with toys and things like this are all free. If you play with the children then they will have fun with you and should enjoy it as much as you will and you not have to go out and spend money.

Go for walks
Going out for walks is a free activity and can be great fun. You can go and spot things, pick up interesting things or go to interesting places. It is not only a good way to tire out the children, it will also keep you all fit and give you a free activity to do. There may be many places that you have not discovered in your local area that you can go to on foot and have a lot of fun.

Avoid supermarket trips
If you think that you will end up spending a lot more in the supermarket, then avoid going there if you can. You could shop online, get your spouse or partner to go for you If you have to go with the children then explain to them before you go in that you are saving money and cannot buy them a treat or give them a price limit.

Go out with a picnic
A way to avoid having to buy food when you are out is to take it with you. Thsi could be snacks or a full picnic spending on how long you will be out. It can be a great novelty having food on the go. You can find a nice place to sit and enjoy a lovely selection of food. If the weather is not good then you can eat in the car or find somewhere inside or under a tree.

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