Friday, February 19, 2016

Ways to Get Cheaper Insurance

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Having recently renewed by home and contents insurance and seen the price rise by £200 in two years, I have been researching how to reduce insurance costs. Unfortunately I was not able to reduce mine, but hopefully others may be able to.

Do not live by a river
I live by a river. It has never flooded but the fact that it is just across the road means my property is flagged up as a high flood risk and this is the reason my insurance has gone up so high, so quickly. So if you are moving house, think hard before moving near to a river.

Do not have a burglar alarm
having a burglar alarm will put up the cost of your premium. This is because the computer algorithm will assume that you had one fitted as your area is more prone to theft.

Do not make small claims
every claim that you make will increase your premium. Although insurance is there to pay out, it is worth considering whether it is worth making small claims when they will increase your premium and that increase could last for years.

Increase excess
If you increase the excess on the premium it tends to reduce the cost. It is worth checking with your insurer what difference it will make, because it could be significant.

Consider whether to include legal costs and accidental damage
Legal costs and accidental damage are extra cover that will cost you more money. Some people feel they are really important and others do not. It is worth looking into them and finding out exactly what you are getting for your money and whether you think it is worth paying for.

Use a comparison website
Using a comparison website and/or a broker will allow you to easily compare prices across a number of companies. If you do not want to change insurer, you could telephone yours with details of prices you have been offered elsewhere and they may put their price down to become more competitive. Alternatively you may decide to move to a cheaper insurer based on a cheaper quotation.

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