Friday, March 04, 2016

Can I Earn £1000 a Month?

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As it is coming towards the end of the tax year, I was looking at my yearly earnings. I realised that this financial year is the worst I have ever done since starting by business apart from my very first year when I made a loss. It made me think that I am capable of earning a lot more than I am and it is about time I started trying harder to do so. These last few weeks I have certainly been full of ideas and putting a lot more hours into my work. I have January was my highest earning month of the year with February being just below it. However, the amounts I earned were still very small compared to what I used to earn.

I have made a lot more money in the past buying and selling books, which is no longer profitable. I have looked into it recently and am aware of what sells well, but there are not the places to source the books like there used to be. I will be on the look out again though. I do think that too many people know about the value of their books now so are selling them at higher prices.

I am also lucky enough to have been offered more writing work, which I hope will work out well for me. I also have some plans to try to improve this website and to hopefully attract some advertising on it in the future, once it is fully improved. I am writing a lot more, to try to sell more articles and attract more regular customers. I should also be thinking about my books a bit more, perhaps trying to sell more copies of the ones that I have written or to write some new ones.

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