Thursday, March 10, 2016

Changes to the Birthdate Lottery

I thought that some of the new lottery pages would see some changes and the Free Birthdate Lottery is the first to have made some changes. Based on customer feedback there are now less draws but each draw pays more money and they happen more often. It sounds complicated, but it is all clearly explained on the website. You just sign up, supply your date of birth and this is added to the draws. There are draws each day and the prizes vary. You also get paid for signing up referrals and can draw out the money earned there once you reach a minimum amount. If you win a draw you get paid any bonuses that you earn. As well as money bonuses for referrals you can earn points for visiting pages on the site and these can be redeemed for scratch cards which have a selection of prizes.

I suspect the site and other similar ones will keep changing their formats until they find one that is not only profitable for them but is attractive to their customers as well. I still think that it is a good idea to get on board with these sites early. While there are a lower number of users the odds of winning a prize are higher, this site has less than 500 members. Also you will have a better chance of signing up referrals as not many people have joined the site.

Good luck and have fun!

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Free Birthdate Lottery said...

Great post, thanks for seeing the positive side of the changes. You are right that we are trying to keep the site attractive to members while keeping it sustainable. The changes were mainly down to members finding the 6 draws too complicated. So we have 2 main draws now with scratch cards. This offers members lots of chances to win but in a much simpler way. We also reward each member for loyalty and referrals, rather than just one member a month. :)