Monday, March 07, 2016

How to Build up a Good Referral List

Many of the ways to earn online can be increased if you have referrals or affiliates. This means that you get other people to sign up using your referral link and you will earn something as a result. This will vary and it could a percentage of their earnings, a bonus or prize draw entries. It is usually worth trying to get others to sign up as you will gain in some way. However, it is not always easy to know how to do this, so below are some tips on how you can.

Post Payment Proof
People like proof that you have been paid form a website and they then know that it is not a scam. You can post pictures of Paypal or other payments in your posts so that people can see that they can trust you and the website. Keep posting them frequently as some people get suspicious that a site will pay out for a while and then stop.

Explain in Detail How you Earn
It is worth giving a lot of detail about how your earn the money from the website. A lot of people are suspicious that it will cost them money, be lots of hard work or that they will not be clever enough. If you give clear and concise instructions then they will be able to immediately see whether it is for them or not.

Promote Everywhere
By this I do not mean spam. However, make sure that as well as promoting on websites and blogs you can also promote on social media. Do not annoy and bore your friends, but perhaps set up a Facebook page where you promote all of your earning opportunities. If you link this to a website or blog, you can drive traffic and hopefully keep getting new affiliates.

Keep Promoting and Showing Proof of Payment
When you get a new payment, make sure that you tell people about it. This is why I publish each month how I earn my money. That list has affiliate links to the places where I can earn extra for referrals and I hope that it may encourage people to sign up. They may not choose to use my referral link, but there is a chance that they will and I will get credited. Even if they do not, at least I have helped someone else to make some extra income, which makes me happy.

Be Trustworthy
It is important to build up trust with people. They are unlikely to just sign up using your affiliate link unless they feel that they trust you. If you make sure that when writing website, blog or social media content that you give accurate information then this should help.

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