Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Lucky Phone Loyalty Points

Lucky Phone is a free lotto. You can take part in two draws, a lucky dip draw where random numbers are assigned to you and a phone number draw where you can enter your telephone numbers, but they have to be validated. This is an easy process where you give your number and get sent a validation code through a phone call or text to enter on the site. You then get entered into the draws.

The draws are daily. the lucky dip draw is just for £5 but the phone number draw is a rolling jackpot so if it is not claimed, then it increases. The lowest possible prize is £10 but the highest prize so far has been £50 where no one claimed for four days. You need to check if you have won each day as you need to make a claim to get your prize as well as any loyalty points you may have earned. Once you have 1000 loyalty point you can withdraw £10 and these are awarded when you match seven or more of the numbers in the draw, which has happened to me twice as shown above. The picture is rather small and feint but shows that I got a 70 and 25 point bonus. You also earn loyalty points by signing up referrals, but I do not know how many as I have no referrals yet!

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