Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Making money from Online Surveys

Image Courtesy of Alpha
I have been spending quite a bit of time this month earning money from surveys. I have been mainly doing ones through YouGov, which pay really well but also through Clixsense. I find that they are fun, relaxing and take very little thought. I do them when I need a break from writing or do not have much time. The hourly rate is not so good, but I can plan articles while I am doing them so I see it as being paid twice!

One tip if you do decide to do surveys for money is to not use too many companies. I earn through Hiving, Pure Profile and Clixsense and find they use the same surveys. The survey engines know if you have done the survey before so you can only do them once. This means that I often get send surveys from Hiving and Pure Profile that I have completed already on Clixsense so get screened out early. This means that I have a low chance of cashing out on those two sites, at the moment I have only about half the earnings needed to cash out. Clixsense seems to have lots more surveys on offer plus loads of other opportunities to earn money and therefore I tend to stick with them and earn that way. I have made about $63 so far this month and have requested a payment and will post payment proof once I get it. YouGov has very different surveys which are never found elsewhere as far as I know and therefore can easily be done alongside the others.

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