Saturday, March 05, 2016

New Money Making Opportunities

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I looked back over how much money I have been making over the years as well as how I made that money. There are many ways that I made money in the past, such as selling second hand books, PTC sites and sponsored blogging that just do not exist any more. I revisited some of the old sites and just could not find many of them, which is a shame.

However, I did restart by hubpages account, where you can make money form the sponsored posts around the articles that you have written. I will need to spend some time making some quality content and improving what is there but it could be worthwhile if I have the time to do it.

I also made sure that my blog was still registered at blogsvertise, which is a website that gives some paid blogging work. It does not have many opportunities and you tend to need to visit the site to look for available work, which unfortunately I tend to forget to do. Sites which tell you when there is work are better, but I have not found any of those recently.

I did find a site called Blogness which will match advertisers and blogger for sponsored posts. It dd look really good, but my blog is yet to be approved, so we will see how that one goes.

I spent quite a bit of time working on surveys for Clixsense. Most of them I did not qualify for though so I only made a few dollars which is not much. It is okay for when I am not in the mood for writing though as at least it brings in a bit of extra money!

DP Forums
I wrote four new articles to put up in the Digital Point forums marketplace. I make quite a few sales from here and it is also a place where I tend to pick up new customers. They see the work I am posting and enquire as to whether I can help them by writing original content for them.

I could certainly do with quite a few more opportunities to make money on top of these. I have decided that I will aim to increase my earnings month on month. This means that I can slowly build up my business again and feel that I am being realistic in my aims. This means that this month I need to make over £272. That is only £11 per working day this month. That sounds extremely easy and I earned almost $50 on the 1st but nothing on the 2nd so we will see how things go.

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