Friday, March 18, 2016

Some Relaxation Time!

I have been really busy all week. It has been great that old customers have suddenly wanted work doing and some new customers as well. This means that I have been busy writing and earning which has been great.

Everything slowed down a bit yesterday so I decided to take a break and do my favourite hobby which is colouring  Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford. This is my favourite of her books although I also like her others Secret Garden and Lost Ocean. I love the relaxation I get from having to concentrate really hard but not being judged on my results. I know that some people feel it is not very creative but for me I liken it to other arts. The person who can draw is equivalent to a composer, the colourist is equivalent to the musician and the person who appreciates the art is equivalent to the listener. I know a lot of people who feel colouring is childish and so I just do not tell them about it and enjoy the pleasure and relaxation that I get from it.

I have not been slacking altogether though! I have been checking those daily lotteries, having a go at money earning surveys and planning work that I need to submit next week. It is all about balance!

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