Monday, March 07, 2016

Which Country has the Best Banks?

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An interesting article has come out today from the BBC. It is comparing bank accounts from different countries as there are many people, from all over the world, that do not trust their banks. There were some interesting results.

In France, you have to pay to hold a current account, debit card, credit card and to use an ATM. However, their fees for overdrafts and missed payments are cheaper than many countries. In the UK many current accounts are free as are debit cards, credit cards and using most ATM's but fees for overdrafts, letters and missed payments are high. In the USA, banks charge fees for current accounts unless you have a significant positive balance, Their debit cards, credit cards and use of an ATM is also normally charged for.

The conclusion of the article is that the value for money of banking in these countries to you, will depend on whether you hold a credit of debit in your account and that the UK would be best for those who stay in credit, despite the fact that UK residents often complain about their banking fees. So perhaps a lesson learned here is that we should all try harder to look after our money and not go overdrawn on our current accounts.

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