Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Birthday Time!

It is not my birthday until next month, but I have already been asked by my parents what I would like. It can be quite tricky thinking of things that you want, particularly when there are so many bargains around such as this tascam dr-40. However, I have managed to come up with a short list of some of my favourite Johanna Basford books that are coming out soon. I do not treat myself that often, but when I do it is with hobby things and at the moment colouring is my passion and so anything to do with Johanna Basford and colouring is what I am indulging in. The picture shows my latest work!

It is actually rather exciting, thinking about where to go with my family for a day out as my children will just have finished their Year 6 SATS exams that weekend so it will be a joint celebration for us and should be fun. I guess I should start looking out for vouchers for restaurants....

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