Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Higher Prize Fund for Free Postcode Lottery

The Free Postcode Lottery is rapidly growing and now has an even bigger prize pot to offer, The more members they have, the larger prizes they can offer and they are growing all of the time and so it is well worth joining up.

It is completely free as all of the prizes are funded by advertising on the site. This is why you have to visit the site and check each draw to see whether you have won. By doing this you will also see the advertisements that fund the site. There are four possible prizes that you could win and they all roll over if they are not claimed on the day they are drawn. Some draws are just for £5 but the main draw has been as high as £700 in the past and so it is well worth a go. You may have to share the prize if someone else form your postcode enters but it is still worth a try as it is completely free.

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