Friday, April 01, 2016

March Earnings

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I managed to make my target which was to beat my earnings from last month so that was great! March tends to be a busy month for me though, so I may find it trickier this month to beat the below total. However, I am feeling very motivated due to some expensive bills being due, and once the school holidays are over next week I will be able to get my head back down and start working. How I earned money this month is listed below.

Writing - £256.30

Article Writing - £233.24

Digital Forum article sales - £16.86

Sponsored Blog Posts - £6.20

Book Sales - £4.13

Amazon - £4.13

Other - £70.18

Waterproof Memo Board sale - £23.29

Birthdate Lottery - £5.00

Clixsense - £39.89

TV  Survey - £2.00

Making a Grand Total of £271.95

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